June 19, 2013

furry fetish

I know you love getting all dressed in your furry fetish gear. Being led around on that leash and made to jump on passer’s by and bark at the mailman. The feel of fur against your cheeks drive’s you wild. Always up for some scifi and cos-play fantasy you bring your naughty side to every adventure. Stop that growling you know you have to take your medicene now bend over so I can shove it up your tight pink hole! That is a good little fella you want a treat? I just bet you do sit pretty for me and  I will give you a big vibrating treat. Veronika 1*888*430*2010
January 28, 2013

abdl davey

  Abdl davey is sometimes silly& crazy, he thinks I care that he likes to stare. I am more worried about what his hand is doing under there inside his diaper moving around I see this with a frown and say davey you are such a naughty scamp! He smiles at his Mistress mommy & continues with his mischief til he is quite satisfied then tries to hide. I am by his side in a flash and over my knee he goes at last for some humiliating public spankings. All in his little head the scene is played over and over he never tires of where his on purpose mis-behaviors take him and my paddle will never forsake him. He always leaves me smiling wickedly and planning viciously for the next visit. Veronika 1*888*430*2010
January 14, 2013

abdl humiliation

  Abdl humiliation absolute degradation some take it like men. other’s can not take at all, they cry until they are balling or wailing the safe word. In my playroom it is hard to just stop it has to be a delicate process, the instruction , the serve your mistress training, discipline is all well balanced just like breakfast,lunch & dinner. At times I get to implement my toys and at times it is just my voice I use as my primary tactic. Mostly I feel out the situation and then I go where the mood takes me. The severity depends solely on you. If you are born with some big, big balls step in my ring and go a few rounds with me, we will see who can best who in a competition of wits and will. I get my way every time, so be prepared to plead for mercy. Miss V 1*888*430*2010
December 23, 2012

I want to wish all my ABies and friends at phoneamommy a wonderful Holiday. I have been here for many years now and have made so many friends. We really do have our own little family. Each and every Mommy, Granny, Daddy and AB means so much to me and wish you all a very Happy Christmas. I hope Santa brings each and every one of you something special, even you naughty little ones. Maybe Mommy should take you to see Santa one last time before Christmas morning. Would you like that? You can ask him for some diapers, a new paci or maybe a special toy. What would you like Santa to bring you? Mommy has a few ideas of her own for some more adult gifts. The kind that only get used with the naughtiest of ABies,heehee. But no matter if you are naughty or sweet, Mommy loves talking to and spending time with you all. give me a call or drop me a message one last time before Christmas and let Mommy know you enjoy her company too. Talk to you soon. Mommy Josie 888~430~2010
December 3, 2012

diaper humiliation

Diaper humiliation a path that many submissive’s decide is right for them. They just have a lot of control in the every day life they deal with so when they get home the need for control be taken from them becomes so great they seek out someone strict & capable. I enjoy taking complete control from them making it much easier to do what they need to do after I tear them down for being unable to make it to the restroom in time. Continually having accidents soiling diapers over and over. Silly pathetic diaper wearing fools that they are but that never stops them from wanting every second of my powerful potion that is diaper punishment. Vicious and always ready for the next victim I mean client. Come to my playroom and expect to be on your best behavior as naughty little ones  will be dealt with swiftly.
August 13, 2012

Come get some of this smoking hot mommy

Come get some of this smoking hot mommy ,Crissy is my name and being into all parts of  abdl fetish is my specialty. I will take  you on a whirlwind of adventure stocked full of diapers and baba’s and paci’s oh my! If you want me to show you my diaper all you have to do is ask nicely and I just might let you take a peek. All you have to do is want my milk and I will present you with one of my juggs nicely displayed in my low-cut  nightie. You do have a wet diaper,let mommy change that for you oh you wanna sit in your wet one ok. well Mommy will wet hers too so we are wet bottoms together is’nt that nice of Mommy? Ahhh that feels good me and my Ab sitting in our nice wet diaper’s yay! Do you wanna climb on my lap so you can cuddle with me and we can take a nap? I see thoes eyelids of your’s looking quite heavy there you go my little honey get up on mommy’s lap and take a load off that is so sweet of you to give me big hugs!  I plant  kisses on you rosy cheeks.. awww my sweet little one how I enjoy being with you. Come get me now so we can get wet too! Creamy,Cuddlng Crissy 1*888*430*2010
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