January 13, 2013
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January 14, 2013
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abdl humiliation


Abdl humiliation

absolute degradation

some take it like men.

other’s can not take at all,

they cry until they are balling or wailing the safe word.

In my playroom it is hard to just stop it has to be a delicate process,

the instruction , the serve your mistress training, discipline is all well balanced just

like breakfast,lunch & dinner.

At times I get to implement my toys and at times it is just my voice I use as my primary tactic.

Mostly I feel out the situation and then I go where the mood takes me.

The severity depends solely on you.

If you are born with some big, big balls step in my ring and go a few rounds with me,

we will see who can best who in a competition of wits and will.

I get my way every time, so be prepared to plead for mercy.

Miss V



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