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January 13, 2013
abdl humiliation
January 14, 2013

I’ve been working really hard on my diapering technique. I got lots of new dollies for Christmas that I’ve been practicing on and sometimes I even change my own diaper! But now what I really need is some ABies to practice on.

Of course when I change my dollies, they don’t really have any messies in their diapers, but I pretend they do anyway and wipe them and even put a little lotion on them. My diapers are always pretty messy though! Or at least really wet teehee!! Daddy says I still make too much of a mess when I change my own diaper, but I think if I got some more practice with other ABies.

Come over for a play date so I can practice on you. I’ll put you in a new diaper when you come over, and then when you messy in your diaper I’ll clean it up! The messier the diaper, the more fun it is to change! And I like to make sure the lotion gets rubbed in reeallly good hehehe! I think my diapering technique is gonna be perfect pretty soon!

kissies, Cali

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