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January 27, 2013
Here for the party!
January 31, 2013
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abdl davey


Abdl davey is sometimes silly& crazy, he thinks I care that he likes to stare.

I am more worried about what his hand is doing under there inside his diaper

moving around I see this with a frown and say davey you are such a naughty scamp!

He smiles at his Mistress mommy & continues with his mischief til he is quite satisfied

then tries to hide. I am by his side in a flash and over my knee he goes at last for some

humiliating public spankings. All in his little head the scene is played over and over he never

tires of where his on purpose mis-behaviors take him and my paddle will never forsake him.

He always leaves me smiling wickedly and planning viciously for the next visit.



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