Mommy’s Special Present
December 22, 2012
abdl christmaslist
December 24, 2012

phone sexI want to wish all my ABies and friends at phoneamommy a wonderful Holiday. I have been here for many years now and have made so many friends. We really do have our own little family. Each and every Mommy, Granny, Daddy and AB means so much to me and wish you all a very Happy Christmas. I hope Santa brings each and every one of you something special, even you naughty little ones.

Maybe Mommy should take you to see Santa one last time before Christmas morning. Would you like that? You can ask him for some diapers, a new paci or maybe a special toy. What would you like Santa to bring you? Mommy has a few ideas of her own for some more adult gifts. The kind that only get used with the naughtiest of ABies,heehee.

But no matter if you are naughty or sweet, Mommy loves talking to and spending time with you all. give me a call or drop me a message one last time before Christmas and let Mommy know you enjoy her company too. Talk to you soon.

Mommy Josie


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