December 23, 2012
Abie like his pressies?
December 25, 2012
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abdl christmaslist

Better not forget to make your abdl christmas list very detailed for mommy so she does not forget any thing

you really,really want. Do all your chores ,make extra time for being nice to your phone mommy.

When she is tired help her get housework done faster. When she has a hard day do something sweet for her,

to show her you care. Whatever you do always have your toys picked up and your room clean.

Be careful when mommy is watching tv shows she loves,it is one of the few pleasures she has so let her that

time to herself quietly. If you do all these things and more you just might have something under the tree or in

your stocking. Better still if you do all this you just might end up not being on the naughty list this time or maybe you will be on the naughty list right where you want to end up across mommy’s knee.

Misteltoe Kisses





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