July 25, 2015

Humiliation and Sissification

Humiliation and sissification can be fun sometimes! Even though I am usually a sweet, loving mommy to my ABDLs, sometimes I get requests for me to use a firm hand. When I’m having roleplay phone sex with my Abies, anything goes! I want to please them and so when they ask something of me, I make sure to always follow through. When I’m asked for domination, I get excited. I love to be kind to my sweeties, but I can’t turn down someone asking me for some mommy phone sex. No matter what the type! I had a very unique request from one of my babies the other day. I hadn’t been expecting it, but when he asked me, I was excited to carry it out! We were in Burger King to get something to eat with a friend of mine. While waiting in line, everyone had decided on what they wanted to eat, and when we were about to be next to order, I asked him what he wanted to eat. He said water! I asked a few more times, suggesting things and doing my best to be patient with him while in a public place. He continued to obnoxiously whine and refused to work with me and tell me what he wanted to order! Such attitude can not be tolerated! Especially in a public place… So what is a mommy to do? I took my baby by the hand and led him into the women’s bathroom. I got him up onto the changing table and pulled his pants down. He looked so shocked when I was doing it! Hahaha! I pulled his undies down and saw him squirming underneath my gaze. I smirked down at him shaking my head in laughter as I watched him wonder what I was going to do. I pulled out a pack of diapers and opened one. I held a bottle of baby powder up to his cock and ass and sprinkled some there, using my fingertips to gently rub it in, watching him bite his lip and his cock wriggle with the beginnings of arousal. It brought me such pleasure to see him there, so helpless. I pulled the diaper onto him, pulling it up nice and snug and tight around his waist and his thighs. After a few minutes of watching him whine about the diaper, I slipped a SECOND one over the first one and taped it nice and snug too. The look on his face was priceless! I laughed right in his face! I made him get up and walk with me to meet my friend where she sat already eating, waiting for us to return. As soon as we sat down, he started running his mouth in front of my friend and I and wouldn’t stop talking, no matter how many times I told him to be quiet and stop whining! What choice did I have other than to take my friend and him back to my house […]
June 27, 2013

What happened to your super powers?

  You walk around with that chest puffed up, strutting like the cock of the walk, but Minnie was right about you, wasn’t she?  With a little help from Minnie, and that infamous paci, you were soon forgetting the act, weren’t you? All I had to do was flash a smile, bewitch you with my eyes and mesmerize you with a swish of my hips and in no time at all, the big manly super hero was melting like butter.  As Minnie and I continued to work you like a puppet on a string, you happily dropped that ridiculous charade of being a super hero.  In the blink of an eye, we discovered just what you hide under that cape.  That’s right, we exposed your pretty little fairy wings for all the world to see. You may think you can fight crime, leap tall buildings, and possess super strength, but you’re no match for Minnie and Sara!  It’s a well known fact that when the two of us get hold of you, there’s no turning back.  Think you can handle us both, together?  Why don’t you man up and find out…if you’re not too scared. Now, be a good little super zero and flap those wings for us.  We want to watch them sparkle in the sunlight.
May 31, 2013

Changing Adult Babies Diaper Anywhere

You just never know where your AB Mommy might decide to change you.  Think I carry around that diaper bag just for show? HA! I have it packed, stocked, and at the ready at a moments notice… and have no qualms about using it any time, any where. Think I’m bluffing? Go ahead, try me, hehehe.  At the mall and making a stinky messy? Oh well, if my adult baby has to be changed, then he has to be changed – I won’t even bother trying to find a bathroom; I’ll just plop you right on one of those big benches that are in the middle and change you right there.  Don’t even think you having one of your ‘hissy-fits’ is going to deter me…oohhh no sirree Bob.  The only thing that red face of yours to going to accomplish, is drawing more attention to yourself and your stinky, smelly, messy diaper change! So while other mommies might rush home to change their babies, this Dommy Mommy might just as easily rush you OUT to get a public diaper change! Dommy Mommy Scarlet 1.888.430.2010
April 10, 2013

Granny Loves GranAbies!

Hello my darlings, sit back while Granny Lily tells you a story about my fun day yesterday!  My neighbour Martha asked Granny Lily if I could watch her little grandabie Toby as she had to go to the grocery store.  Of course, I said yes, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on her sweet, little granboi!  Martha told me he could be a handful and not to take any of his nonsense!  She said he had just started to use a bottle but still whined to suck a tittie for milk.  We soon snuggled on the couch for story time and Toby was cuddled up on Granny’s big old titties.  As I was reading, the little monkey started to undo Granny’s top.  I told him no but little Toby said “please Granny, I want tittie milk, please can I suck for just a wittle bit?”.  Well, how could I say no?  Granny pulled out her big old titties and little Toby licked the nipple until it was nice and hard and started to suck.  He sucked very hard, and pulled at Granny’s other tittie, twisting the nipple back and forth and making Granny smile.  He soon looked up with an impish grin and said “Granny, no milkies in there”.  Granny laughed and took little Toby into the kitchen to get his bottle.  When he finished, he made a face and said “Toby wet”.  Granny said let’s go change into a nice clean diaper, but little monkey started to crawl very quickly out of the room, trying to get away from Granny, making me run after him.  Granny was not very happy about having to run after him and quickly took off his diaper and turned little Toby over Granny’s knee.  Toby started to cry “I sorry Granny” but I told him that he was going to get a spanking to learn not to crawl away when his diaper was wet.  Granny paddled his little ass until it was red and turned him over.  Granny smiled when she wiped his little red ass and saw how his little pee pee was up as Granny wiped it clean.  We put a nice fresh diaper on and went back to the couch, and Granny let little Toby suck on her tittie while reading and he soon fell sound asleep, my big, old tittie nipple still in his mouth! When Martha got back she shook her head but told me always let little Toby suck her titties too.  We are just two silly old grannies who love our granabies! Hugs my little ones! XoX 1-888-430-2010
November 25, 2012

Time in the spanking chair

Little one that misbehaves spends lots of time in the spanking chair. mommy is feeling the holiday spirit maybe one of you naughty elves could  jingle my bells. That devious daddy really enjoys unwrapping your mommy even when I make him wear the bow. Be real careful even if your being nice and not naughty I just might check you twice just in case you feel the need to try and get away with something I don’t yet know about. My palm is starting to twitch just thinking about paddling your bottom for Christmas. So if this holiday find’s you feeling the need to do some dirty deed’s give this hot momma a ring ,I will put you where you need to be over my knee with your butt under my hand. Merrry phonemommy holidays!!!! XXXXOOOO Crissy krinkle
October 16, 2012

Mommy and Grandma

  What a lucky little boy you are to have your Mommy and Grandma here to take care of you.  Grandma loves to give you baths while Mommy makes your lunch after we played outside all morning long. And at night Grandma tucks you in while Mommy reads you a story. Doesn’t that just sound like a dream come true? What little boy wouldn’t relish having his two favorite women in the world tag team diaper him, heehee. You can have that, yes you can. It is only a phone call away. Mommy Josie and Grannie Minnie love taking care of sweet ABie boys and one of our favorite role plays is exactly what I described above. Mommy will lay you down while Grannie gets the powder. Then Mommy can lift that little bottom while Grannie slides a fresh diaper underneath. Now doesn’t that just sound like a dream? You can have any two girls you have ever dreamed about taking care of you. There are so many stories you can do with Mommies and Sitters, Grannies and Mommies, we even have Teacher Rebecca and Nurse Betty to add into the mix. That means endless scenarios and possibilities. So what are you waiting for? Get to that phone, Mommy Josie and Grannie Minnie are waiting at the changing table for you. Mommy Josie 888~430~2010  
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