January 19, 2020

Playing With Sexy Stockings

Michael pushed a hand under his bed to pull out one of the thigh high stockings that he had filched out of his sexy stepmom Tawny’s dresser drawers, listening to make sure that she had pulled out of the driveway. Positive that he was home alone, he slipped the stocking over his cock, pulling it all the way down till it bunched up around the base, and started stroking with it, sliding it up and down his cock. He had such a stocking kink that it wasn’t long before precum was soaking through the silk, especially with how he was fantasizing about Tawny doing this to him, her hand stroking him through her stockings! He pictured her sucking him off through the stockings, her tongue dragging against him through the silk and that was all it took for him to have cum spurting into the stocking. He was definitely going to have clean up this mess! Got your own little fetish? Call me for some no taboo phone sex! Tawny 1-888-430-2010 Click Here to chat with a phone sex mommy!  #stepmomfetish #sexystepmom #stockingkink #sexline
February 22, 2019

Pantyhose Foot Job From Mommy

Mommy Brenda pressed her stocking feet against his cock just a little bit more while she pushed them up his shaft, and there was no chance for him to stop his hips from jerking forward. She startled a bit with how hard he pushed his cock against her feet, then chuckled at his embarrassed moans.  He felt the grain of the hose dig into his skin a bit when she pressed down harder and he swore he felt his cock swell up even harder.  His pantyhose fetish made this foot job so erotic that he wasn’t go to last much longer! She dragged her toes across the tip, cradled his shaft between the arches of her feet and made him cum down her toes and his cock, with splashes across his stomach.  He was going to keep being a good abdl boy if he always got encouragement like this! Want to tell me how much you would like this? Call me for some pantyhose fetish phonesex. Brenda 1-888-430-2010 Click Here to chat with a phone sex Mommy! #pantyhosefetish #footjob #abdlmommy
July 25, 2015

Humiliation and Sissification

Humiliation and sissification can be fun sometimes! Even though I am usually a sweet, loving mommy to my ABDLs, sometimes I get requests for me to use a firm hand. When I’m having roleplay phone sex with my Abies, anything goes! I want to please them and so when they ask something of me, I make sure to always follow through. When I’m asked for domination, I get excited. I love to be kind to my sweeties, but I can’t turn down someone asking me for some mommy phone sex. No matter what the type! I had a very unique request from one of my babies the other day. I hadn’t been expecting it, but when he asked me, I was excited to carry it out! We were in Burger King to get something to eat with a friend of mine. While waiting in line, everyone had decided on what they wanted to eat, and when we were about to be next to order, I asked him what he wanted to eat. He said water! I asked a few more times, suggesting things and doing my best to be patient with him while in a public place. He continued to obnoxiously whine and refused to work with me and tell me what he wanted to order! Such attitude can not be tolerated! Especially in a public place… So what is a mommy to do? I took my baby by the hand and led him into the women’s bathroom. I got him up onto the changing table and pulled his pants down. He looked so shocked when I was doing it! Hahaha! I pulled his undies down and saw him squirming underneath my gaze. I smirked down at him shaking my head in laughter as I watched him wonder what I was going to do. I pulled out a pack of diapers and opened one. I held a bottle of baby powder up to his cock and ass and sprinkled some there, using my fingertips to gently rub it in, watching him bite his lip and his cock wriggle with the beginnings of arousal. It brought me such pleasure to see him there, so helpless. I pulled the diaper onto him, pulling it up nice and snug and tight around his waist and his thighs. After a few minutes of watching him whine about the diaper, I slipped a SECOND one over the first one and taped it nice and snug too. The look on his face was priceless! I laughed right in his face! I made him get up and walk with me to meet my friend where she sat already eating, waiting for us to return. As soon as we sat down, he started running his mouth in front of my friend and I and wouldn’t stop talking, no matter how many times I told him to be quiet and stop whining! What choice did I have other than to take my friend and him back to my house […]
October 18, 2014

Stocking Thieving Sissy

My abie has been playing a game with Mommy. Only Mommy didn’t know about it until last night. He has been taking all of my dirty stockings and hiding them. I went to wash delicate things like stockings, panties and bras and there was not one pair of stockings to be seen. I asked him if he had washed them for me, which was the only excuse as to why he would have them. He just smiled at me playfully. I sent him in to put on his white tights and then took a pink magic marker and wrote stocking thief all over them. Then he got his diaper pulled down and got a well deserved over the knee spanking. He had to wear the tights as he washed the stockings by hand, and Mommy sat and read a book. Mommy Scarlet 1.888.430.2010 YIM: phonemommyscarlet
January 25, 2014

Dress up

I have a nephew – his name is Jake.  Tonight his Mommy and Daddy are going out to a party, and they’ve asked me to babysit, which I do often.  I always have fun with lil’ Jakey, but tonight, we are going to have an extra special good time ;). You see, Jake really has a dirty little secret and I have promised to never tell his parents…as long as he’s a good boy for Maggie.  It seems Jake really likes to put on mommy’s clothes when she’s not home.  I don’t mean her dresses and blouses – Jakey loves to wear her pretty lingerie. He loves the way it feels on his peepee, how it makes him tingle in that “special” little place. Tonight, I’ve decided we’re going to go through mommy’s drawer and I’m going to turn him in to a pretty little sissy. I’m thinking lots of lace – pink and frilly.  I want to go all out tonight too – bra, panties, garter, lace topped thigh highs, lipstick. He’s going to be my pretty girl tonight I can’t wait for a fashion show with baby Jake woo hoo.. I love sissy boys like Jakey Kisses, Maggie 1.888.430.2010  
January 13, 2014

breath play

I have you right between my thigh’s crushing your face with my leg’s. All you want is to be unable to breath this is your kink, fetish & I am oh so excited to almost choke the life out of you You slimy disgusting,vile bitch! I will let you up just so I can shove my sweaty stocking in your mouth. Such a depraved little twat you are just wasting away in that silly excuse for a job letting all the employee’s run all over you they laugh that you try to be friend’s with them. The people that work for you would never even wave at you if they knew your secret life.   Keep crying like that and I will stick something bigger in your mouth!   Veronika 1*888*430*2010
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