April 9, 2013
Experienced Mommy Phone Sex
April 12, 2013

Hello my darlings, sit back while Granny Lily tells you a story about my fun day yesterday!  My neighbour Martha asked Granny Lily if I could watch her little grandabie Toby as she had to go to the grocery store.  Of course, I said yes, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on her sweet, little granboi!  Martha told me he could be a handful and not to take any of his nonsense!  She said he had just started to use a bottle but still whined to suck a tittie for milk.  We soon snuggled on the couch for story time and Toby was cuddled up on Granny’s big old titties.  As I was reading, the little monkey started to undo Granny’s top.  I told him no but little Toby said “please Granny, I want tittie milk, please can I suck for just a wittle bit?”.  Well, how could I say no?  Granny pulled out her big old titties and little Toby licked the nipple until it was nice and hard and started to suck.  He sucked very hard, and pulled at Granny’s other tittie, twisting the nipple back and forth and making Granny smile.  He soon looked up with an impish grin and said “Granny, no milkies in there”.  Granny laughed and took little Toby into the kitchen to get his bottle.  When he finished, he made a face and said “Toby wet”.  Granny said let’s go change into a nice clean diaper, but little monkey started to crawl very quickly out of the room, trying to get away from Granny, making me run after him.  Granny was not very happy about having to run after him and quickly took off his diaper and turned little Toby over Granny’s knee.  Toby started to cry “I sorry Granny” but I told him that he was going to get a spanking to learn not to crawl away when his diaper was wet.  Granny paddled his little ass until it was red and turned him over.  Granny smiled when she wiped his little red ass and saw how his little pee pee was up as Granny wiped it clean.  We put a nice fresh diaper on and went back to the couch, and Granny let little Toby suck on her tittie while reading and he soon fell sound asleep, my big, old tittie nipple still in his mouth! When Martha got back she shook her head but told me always let little Toby suck her titties too.  We are just two silly old grannies who love our granabies!

Hugs my little ones! XoX


Getting cleaned up!

Getting titties all ready for sucking!

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