Two Sitter Fun!
April 8, 2013
Granny Loves GranAbies!
April 10, 2013


I met the sweetest little baby in our phonesex chat room the other day. I dressed him up in a cute yellow onesie with fresh thick cloth diapers. He likes to rub his sweet little hands over the smooth crinkles of the rubber diaper pants. With his sweet chubby legs poking out of his diaper I grab his little feet, slide on some crochet’d booties.

If my sweet baby is acting fussy, I just lean into him and press his face into my bosom and put my nipple in his mouth. A little something warm, to warm his belly and get him to be nice and calm. coo’ing and watching my sleepy baby drift off into nitey nite time in my arms.

This is my favorite time with my sweet adult baby. Everything is peaceful and quiet, no one to disturb me and my little baby boy….

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