Knowing where you stand with your dominatrix
April 8, 2013
April 9, 2013


I got to practice babysitting with Cousin Jenna yesterday! See, even though I’m still in trouble ‘cause of that little incident a few weeks ago hehe, Daddy said that I could start babysitting other adult babies! I was so excited to help Jenna ‘cause she always tells me about all the fun she has when she watches ABies!

Our ABy was little babi Brian. One of Jenna’s boyfriends came over too, so she left me in charge of Brian. Before she went upstairs she told me just what to do if he started misbehaving. She whispered in my ear, and then ran upstairs giggling!! Brian started off being good… he played with his blocks and ate the snacks his Mommy left for him. But it wasn’t long before he started being naughty! He was throwing his blocks and started screaming and kicking when I told him it was time to change his diaper. Hehehe good thing Jenna told me just what to do!! I pushed little Brian down and pulled off his diapy, teasing his wittle bitty peepee while I wiped him! Oooh Brian didn’t like that hehehe!!! He kicked his legs and cried. But once I got the diaper on him I told him we still weren’t done. NOPE! Hehehe!! First I put a pink ruffly diapy cover on him and then I held him still while I pulled the ruffliest, prettiest sissy on him!!

“OOOHH look at pretty princess Brianna!!” I squealed at him! Jenna came downstairs then and saw our new sissified adult babi! “Hehehe looks like Brianna’s all ready for some sissy fun!” she giggled. The next part gets pretty naughty hehehe, I’ll let Jenna tell you!

Kissies, Cali



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