Mommy’s Night Out
October 16, 2012
Halloween Babysitter
October 18, 2012


What a lucky little boy you are to have your Mommy and Grandma here to take care of you.  Grandma loves to give you baths while Mommy makes your lunch after we played outside all morning long. And at night Grandma tucks you in while Mommy reads you a story. Doesn’t that just sound like a dream come true? What little boy wouldn’t relish having his two favorite women in the world tag team diaper him, heehee.

You can have that, yes you can. It is only a phone call away. Mommy Josie and Grannie Minnie love taking care of sweet ABie boys and one of our favorite role plays is exactly what I described above. Mommy will lay you down while Grannie gets the powder. Then Mommy can lift that little bottom while Grannie slides a fresh diaper underneath. Now doesn’t that just sound like a dream?

You can have any two girls you have ever dreamed about taking care of you. There are so many stories you can do with Mommies and Sitters, Grannies and Mommies, we even have Teacher Rebecca and Nurse Betty to add into the mix. That means endless scenarios and possibilities. So what are you waiting for? Get to that phone, Mommy Josie and Grannie Minnie are waiting at the changing table for you.

Mommy Josie




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