Strict Lacy
October 15, 2012
Mommy and Grandma
October 16, 2012

Oh don’t look like that you with that cute little sad face i know you want to go with mommy tonight but sweetie you can’t tonight i rarely leave you in the care of a sitter but i need some time out also.Look at it this way you will have such a wonderful time while mommy is out for a bit.

The sitter will give you snacks and nice warm bath read you a cute bedtime story she might even play some games with you oh and guess what darling she loves changing diapers now see there i know you could smile big for mommy.You also know how much i love that adorable smile you always give me,Now do mommy a favor and make sure you make lots and lots messes for Josie heheh she loves those messy diapers.And especially sissy girl babies i have already told her where i keep those special mommy stockings i keep just for you at bedtime.Oh now one thing mommy forgot to tell you Josie might bring along some friends like AvA,,Samantha,Crissy,Gina,just never know who might show up with her might even be Minnie hehe just never know sweetie.



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