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October 16, 2012
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October 19, 2012
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Halloween Babysitter

Halloween Babysitter

This year your mommy has a special Halloween treat for you. Mommy and daddy have plans, they’re going to a grown up party all night, so I get to take your trick or treating! We’re gonna have so much fun together! I even got a costume to match yours! Your mommy said you’re going as a football player… well I got myself a little cheerleader costume. We’re gonna look so cute the two of us trick or treating around the neighborhood!

I was thinking before we go out I can get my cute little ABy quarterback ready with one of your favorite special rubs. How’s that for a Halloween treat? Then when we go out I’ll hold your hand while we walk around, getting you all the candy we can carry!

When we get home we’ll have plenty of time before your mommy and daddy get home to get lots of candy in your tummy and have some naughty ABy and sitter fun! Since it’s a special day, I’ll have to think of an extra special little treat for you… you can give me a creamy snack heehee!

I can’t wait for our special Halloween night, you’re gonna be the luckiest ABy quarterback around!

xoxo Samantha

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