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June 26, 2013
smothering and ass play
June 28, 2013

I’ll make you melt, boy


You walk around with that chest puffed up, strutting like the cock of the walk, but Minnie was right about you, wasn’t she?  With a little help from Minnie, and that infamous paci, you were soon forgetting the act, weren’t you?

All I had to do was flash a smile, bewitch you with my eyes and mesmerize you with a swish of my hips and in no time at all, the big manly super hero was melting like butter.  As Minnie and I continued to work you like a puppet on a string, you happily dropped that ridiculous charade of being a super hero.  In the blink of an eye, we discovered just what you hide under that cape.  That’s right, we exposed your pretty little fairy wings for all the world to see.

You may think you can fight crime, leap tall buildings, and possess super strength, but you’re no match for Minnie and Sara!  It’s a well known fact that when the two of us get hold of you, there’s no turning back.  Think you can handle us both, together?  Why don’t you man up and find out…if you’re not too scared.

Now, be a good little super zero and flap those wings for us.  We want to watch them sparkle in the sunlight.

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