Sissy punishment
August 22, 2012
ABy Playmate
August 26, 2012

I can think of a lot of reasons to spank a naughty boy.  M, however, has to be my naughtiest little one under my charge ever!  He was sent to me by a most exasperated mommy at her wits end.  You see, he constantly wets his pants even though he is way too old to do so.  I have put him back into diapers, and I have told him repeatedly, he mustn’t wet himself at his age, but he doesn’t care…so I have had to start spanking him.

After yet another soaking, I take down that wet diaper slowly.  I can feel M tremble from excitement and perhaps a little fear as I slide it down—the plastic exterior making crinkling sounds as I pull open the tapes.  His tender bottom, all ready for my hand, beckons me to connect quickly and firmly.  The smacks are loud and make M jump—his little wee wee gets sooooo hard…yet another reason to spank.

So while M got spanked yesterday for wetting his diaper, there are a ton of reasons I use to spank him.  When he smarts off he gets spanked; when he gets into things that he knows not to, he gets spanked; when he is defiant he gets spanked; sometimes I use a my hand, sometimes a paddle, sometimes a switch!

I can be a sweet Mommy, but if I have, to I will put forth a wrath that is not to be questioned!

Mommy Lexus



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