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August 23, 2012
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August 26, 2012

ABy Playmate

Being taken care of and playing with Daddy is so much fun, but I love when I get to play with another ABy! Its so nice to be with another ABy that understands me and knows the kind of fun I like to have. Daddy knows I need special time with other ABies so he makes sure to invite one of my friends over at least once a week.

Yesterday Daddy invited my friend Billy over to play. Me and Billy went up to my room where I keep all my toys. Once Daddy left us, I asked Billy if I could change his diaper. I’ve been practicing how to be a good mommy and I’ve gotten really good at changing diapers! I helped Billy get up on my changing table and I opened up his diaper. He was only a little bit wet. I pulled out my wipes and I cleaned between Billy’s legs making sure to clean him thoroughly and gently. Then I warmed a little lotion in my hands and rubbed it all over Billy’s bottom and privates. Once I had him all wrapped up in his fresh diaper, I asked Billy how it felt and he said I did a good job! He said it felt just right.

Then me and Billy played with my blocks and dolls. Billy asked if I knew how to play naughty games… I told him about how when Daddy leaves me alone I have my special naughty time. Billy said that he had his own special naughty time too. I thought it might feel good to play together… so I put my paci in my mouth and crawled over close to Billy. I climbed on top of him and our diapers crinkled together. Sucking on my paci, I started to move up and down on Billy, rubbing our diapers together. Playing by myself is fun, but playing with Billy felt so good! We started moving faster and faster. Billy rubbed his hands over my little tits and held onto my hips. The bulge in Billy’s pants was rubbing me in just the right way. Soon I could feel Billy tighten up… and I felt the tightening inside me too! We both made big gooey messes in our diapers… I knew Daddy would have to come change us, cause I was too tired to change Billy again!

Will you come over and play with me? I need a new ABy playmate!



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