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August 26, 2012
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August 27, 2012
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Cam Cam’s Spankings


I just love when Baby Cam calls me for his nightly bedtime spanking phone sex.  Everyone knows what a good boy our PhoneaMommysBabyCam is, and there is a very good reason for that.  First of all Baby Cam has WAY too many Mommies to try and even think of getting away with anything.  And second of all is because Cam is on a spanking maintenance program.  What this means is Baby cam is on a steady diet of daily spankings regardless of weather he was good boy or bad boy.  This keeps baby Cam on his best behavior at all times, and always prepared to take his diaper down at the drop of a command from mommy.

Bedtime is a special time to share with baby Cam, after giving you a bath and making sure your bottom is nice and clean, Mommy Candy will lay you across her lap and spank your bare bottom with her bare hands.  Your pink little bottom will have a little sting in it afterwards, but don’t you fret I have a nice cushiony diaper and some soothing baby powder for that sweet but very sore bottom. Your Mommy knows how to make Cam Cam feel better huh? Of course I do. That’s why you always call Mommy for some loving ABDL phone sex.





888 430-2010


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