Dirty Diaper Change
August 28, 2016
Standing In Front of Mommy Part 1
October 2, 2016


You’ve been such a naughty sissy boy, come over and lay down on Mommy Candy’s lap. I think you need a nice firm paddle spanking. Oh, you don’t like that, but you were so naughty touching that tiny itty-bitty pee-pee without Mommy Candy’s permission. I might have to lock you into a chastity belt so you don’t get hard from the spanking. You don’t like that do you, well too bad, you need to know who’s in charge around here. I’m stronger than you, you pathetic little sissy slut. Now lets smack you 50…no 100 times on each cheek. I want you to smack yourself, and it better hurt you little slut. I’ll know if you’re faking. I want to see tears running down your little sissy face. I love it when you cry you sissy. I can’t believe you would touch that tiny pee-pee without Mommy’s permission. You should learn your lesson though, you little sissy whore.




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