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August 28, 2016
Naughty Sissy Boy
October 2, 2016

diaper phone sex

Where is my abdl phone sex lover? Are you hiding from me? You shouldn’t ever hide from mommy. Especially when mommy is trying to change that stinky diaper of yours. You’ve been wearing it and messing in it all day it needs to be changed before you get a diaper rash! It may not seem so bad now but you’ll regret it when that little bottom of yours is sore and stinging because you wouldn’t let mommy change your diaper after making a big ol mess in it. Haven’t you heard the saying “Mommy knows best”? It’s true you know! Now are you going to keep disobeying mommy or are you going to be a good adult baby phone sex boy and let mommy change that messy pamper of yours before the rash sets in? It’s your choice young man!



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