One Night Baby
August 23, 2016
Dirty Diaper Change
August 28, 2016


Where do you think you’re going, with your adult clothes on? I think you heard your Abdl mommy wrong when I said that we was going to the mall and you could get dressed.That wasn’t your cue to put your adult clothing on! HAHA!  Cute!  When you’re with mommy you will stay dressed as my cute Adult baby girl no matter where we go, who we see, What we do. Understand me? Good! Now let’s go put on you pretty little blue dress with your bonnet! And we are going to triple diaper you so you have the oh so cute diaper waddle. I know you’re very excited, I know I am. Aw, don’t make that face!  Don’t be embarrassed! You’re my sweet baby girl and we will have such a great time just wait and see hehe so why don’t you give me a call for some abdl phone sex!



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#abdlmommy #adultbaby #diaperlover


#abdlmommy #adultbaby #diaperlover

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