Naughty Sissy Boy
October 2, 2016
Someone Needs a Hug
October 2, 2016


You stand in front of your Abdl Mommy in your drooping wet panties and pajamas, having been naughty and wet the bed again! You know you can’t keep doing this – Mommy has warned you what would have to happen! Your eyes unwillingly go from her disapproving face to look at the stack of disposable diapers, wipes, and baby powder she stacked on your dresser as a last warning, along with the “training panties” you now wear. “Are you listening to me??” you suddenly hear her ask. Before you have time to process what she said, she has undone your pants and pulled them and you’re already embarrassing training panties down.  You then go over her lap, staring at the floor. SMACK!  “Bad!” she says, as she swats your bare bottom. “That’s naughty!” SMACK! “Big boys pee in the potty, not in their beds!” SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK! She punctuates the last four words with a spank each word. You have never experienced a spanking before. The first spank hadn’t hurt much you thought, and you were thinking this wouldn’t be that bad. You hadn’t counted on the pain from each swat not being immediate – by the time you really feel the sting of the first, you are getting a third. And of course the sting and heat are building! Call me from some Abdl Phone Sex!



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