August 19, 2013
August 22, 2013
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mommy’s hot lips


Mommy has some red hot lip’s and she love’s to use them for many thing’s.

One of the way’s I use my lip’s is to teach you some manner’s , explain how to

properly take care of a woman.

When you are wanting to impress a woman you should make sure to use your lip’s as well

make sure to take your time using your lip’s.

I want the woman to feel very excited about what you do with your lip’s.

She should definitely blush after you use your lip’s.

Give he something to remember while you use your lip’s make her swoon.

Say beautiful thing’s to her ,recite poetry or sing a song to her.

What did you think I was meaning by using your lip’s?

You’re mind is in the gutter I bet ,you bad little one you!

Good place for your mind to be to call your mommy.





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