Closet Sissy gets Blackmailed
August 16, 2013
mommy’s hot lips
August 19, 2013

Hey there my abdl community!! I had the most exciting calls this week with my little superhero C. He LOVES spiderman and I’m starting to question if he loves him more than his mommy! But I know I’m just being silly because that isn’t possible! *giggle* C wants to be a superhero just like spiderman but he kept making stinkies in his diapy and lying to Mommy about it! So I asked him if he thought spiderman makes stinkies in his pants and he said no because spiderman is a big boy. So I told told him if he wants to be like spiderman that he has to let Mommy change him! So he finally agreed and Mommy went ahead and changed his diapy and put him in his favorite spidey shirt, blue with spidermans head right in the middle with his wrists out shooting webs! After that we went into the living room and he sat on Mommy’s lap with his spidey action figure and we watched The Spongebob Squarepants movie!! We had such a fun time singing the goofy goober song and seeing all the problems Spongebob and Patrick got themselves into and saying how if Spiderman was with them he’d save the day! I love it when C calls me he’s my sweet (sometimes sneaky) big boy who Mommy adores very much. It has been a great week for me and I hope you diaper lovers are having a great week too! Bigs hugs and kisses to my superboy C! 🙂





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