mommy’s hot lips
August 19, 2013
Becoming Baby
August 22, 2013

We all have something that we love the feel of against our body some more so than others now like wool yuk it makes me itch really bad but some loves the feel and warmth of it.This lil sissy girl loves her latex and diapers.She loves the feel of it and the way it makes her body feel.When she is told to get dressed in her sexy latex she dances all over the place i can just imagine the smile she has for me.I do believe she would wear this 24/7 if she could.In fact i have insisted she wear certain things to work under her clothing.Ah this lil latex sissy enjoys that so much to wear something of her latex or maybe a diaper underneath.

Think the next time we chat i will think of something really naughty for her to try out maybe throw out all her male underwear going down the street now would that not be a fun thing for her to do especially if all her neighbors were out to watch But i will think of something i usually do laughing.




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