August 22, 2013
Erotic phoneplay
August 26, 2013

Isn’t it sweet to know that you have a Mommy with whom you can share the happenings in your life?  Now I know you’re not the most willing baby in the world.  As a matter of fact you keep telling me you want to be a big boy again, but you know that it’s a futile request.  Your mother has told you that you will be confined to diapers forever and I agree with her.

I love hearing that you are going to be graced with a coming out party so that all of your family and friends can get used to the idea.  You were never that great of a big boy anyway.  You were prone to accidents and the kids at school didn’t accept you anyway due to your small size.

See this is what mothers do for their little babies – they protect them from harm and keep them dry!  You do need your diapers because you’ve been losing control.  Oh I can’t wait to hear if your mommy took my advice and turned you into a baby girl too!  That would make my day!

Mommy Scarlet


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