Super to Fairy
June 21, 2013
A Simple Diaper Change
June 26, 2013

Preparing for this summer has been quite a process. I had to make sure I had everything in order before I started off with the freak show. One of my last preparations was getting a hold of some new merchandise for the show itself.

Like everyone else, I received the invitation to the Auction weeks in advance, and had been looking forward to it ever since. This was just the thing I needed to find a new pet to introduce to the circus and train and break myself. I knew that there would be precious few unbroken pets available for auction so I made sure to prepare myself and have a plan of action. I absolutely had to have one of the wild ones.

As soon as Ms. Lizabeth began the auction after removing the coverings from each cage the ceremonies began. Six in total, each would be showcased and tested for the audience pleasure and consideration. After the performances the bidding would begin. I nodded to Ms. Maggy and Ms. Jenna from across the room, I knew they too would be interested in the two wild pets and I braced myself for a bidding war.

One by one each pet was brought forward. This sissies walked and curtseyed, all wearing their prettiest dresses and make up, sweet curled blond wigs and shiny mary jane shoes. Of course the interesting part came when the guests were allowed to try their hands at the sissies. Each was bent over and tested for compliance – how much exactly could they take up their bottoms? Where they already stretched out? Did they put up a fight? I savored the sight as each question was answsered.

Then came the adult babies. Of course I have extensive experience tending to ABies so I watched interestedly while each cute little one toddled out sucked his baba.

Finally it came time to show the two wild, unbroken pets. I felt a shiver run down my spine as the first one was yanked out on a leash…

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