Sunny Day Picnic with Your ABDL Mommy
June 20, 2013
Viewing the Auction
June 25, 2013

There was once this  fellow that truly believed he was the hero infact a super hero but one day he met his match.You ask who could that possibly be well he decided he would try his tricks on me but so didn’t work as he soon found out. I talked him into coming over to my house since he had moved in the neighborhood he came in all innocent like i had made a nice pitcher of tea he did seem to be very thirsty moving all those boxes and etc.

As soon as he drank half of his tall glass of iced tea he started getting sleepy so i told him he could rest in my bed so i helped him into the bedroom and by the time i got him on the bed out he was like a light then i proceeded to undress him haha and redress him into a adorable fairy outfit.Soon he woke up and he was not happy dressed as a fairy but i soon popped a pacifer in his open mouth and he was all agreeable swinging and singing a cute little fairy song i had for him.Maybe the next time i see another hero or wantabe i will make him into a diaper sissy.



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