June 5, 2013
Sissy Summer Camp
June 13, 2013


This weekend we had a very special gathering. Ms. Lexus and I gathered six of our pets, three apiece, mixed ABies and sissies. We had been training four of the little dears for months now, we each however, left one apiece untrained and wild. We knew those would get the highest bids.

Each sissy and little one was groomed perfectly and dressed in a brand new outfit, sure to impress. Full ruffled dresses with rhumba panties, mary jane shoes, frilly socks, and matching bonnets. Handsome onesies with cute little teddy bears and blocks. Oh our little dears were going to leave lasting impressions on out guests.

You see, we were hosting a little trade party. We invited Mommies and Daddies alike, as well as other dealers and pimps, all interested in procuring some sweet new merchandise to either play with themselves, or make a nice little profit off of.

Each sweet little pet was placed in cage prior to the auction, which was then covered in a velvet drape. We warned them to keep quiet so as not to disturb the guests before the big show started. We warned them – but some had to be muzzled. Our guests milled about, visibly excited, and some carting around their own pets on leashes, looking to trade rather than buy.

When it was time for the auction, Lexus and I walked up on the stage and welcomed our guests. One by one, we pulled the drapes off of the cages and they got their first view of the goods.

I walked up to the front of the stage and silenced the room to make an announcement. “Each pet will be showcased and tested out here on the stage. First we’ll have them perform a number of tasks, then we’ll allow you all to test them out yourselves. After each pet has been showcased, the bidding will begin.” I smiled at the audience, feeling their excitement. I turned back to Lexus, who nodded, “Shall we begin?”

To be continued…




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