Mommy’s Helper
June 3, 2013
The Auction
June 11, 2013


You were made for that cute little dress, you’ve never felt so sure of anything in your life. Besides, you know mommy always wanted a little girl. You were really supposed to be a pretty little aby girl.  Mommy can fix that. You don’t like all that yucky boy stuff anyway. We can play dress up sort of like what most girls do with their dolls except mommy gets to do it to you sweetie! I have a closet full of pretty little frilly dresses and cute little matching shoes.

And your toy box, go take a peek inside. All those cars, trucks, and dinosaurs’ have been replaced. What do you see angel? That’s right dolls, a tea set, a princess costume, and lots of other girly things to play with. Did you notice what mommy has done with the nursery? Everything is so pretty in here isn’t it? It looks just like a little sissy aby room doesn’t it? The lace curtains, the pink bedding, even your own vanity so that you can play with your makeup for dress up! Just what a little girl loves to do! You can even have your very own tea party, bring your dolls, invite mommy you know just like little girls do 😉 Mommy Lauren will turn you into the perfect little sissy!






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