Fun With Nanny Ella
June 3, 2013
June 5, 2013

This weekend I had some fun working the kiddie corral with Mommy Scarlet. I’m an awesome sitter… trust me I know haha! But everything I know, I learned from Mommy Scarlet. See, she’s the kinda Mommy I wanna be. She’s strict and mean and she knows how to take care of a naughty ABy (spank, spank, sissify, repeat!)

Anyhoo, I was Mommy’s little helper, following her around and keeping all the ABies in line. ABy Joey just couldn’t behave himself. Mommy had all the little ones in the playpen and Joey was running around, pulling off his diaper and screaming his dumb little head off. Mommy yanked him up by the shirt collar and his little mouth snapped shut. All she had to do was look him dead in the eye and he KNEW he was in for it.

Mommy had me hold him down while she spanked him with a big wooden spoon. She spanked and spanked and spanked till his bottom was all covered in welts. Then to put the cherry on top, when we put him in a fresh diaper, she put him in a pretty frilly dress and deposited him back in the playpen. And guess what… he was good for the whole rest of the day hehe, he didn’t make a peep!




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