The Auction
June 11, 2013
Shopping with Baby Suzy
June 16, 2013

I think summer camp is an experience that every child should have.  Now of course I always have to put my own little spin on it though.  I would send my little one to a ‘special’ camp – one that would send my unsuspecting little one into a panic once they realized what kind of camp it truly was – one that confiscates all their regular clothes and replaces them with pretty pink dresses and petticoats and little pink diapers…one that teaches them how to be girlie and quite feminine in their mannerisms…one that teaches these knew little ladies how to please all around them, including, big, strong, masculine, manly men, hehehe.  Then at the end of their stay, there would be a pageant showing off all they have learned for all their Mommies and Daddies.  Now that’s the kind of summer camp I would love send my little one to – one that specializes in feminization and sissy training – one whose banner reads “Sissy Summer Camp.”




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