The art of a bdsm mistress & domina mother
April 22, 2013
Consequences: A Story in Diaper Punishment
April 26, 2013

spanking adultbaby


Sometimes, when an adult baby is being naughty, they just need a little spanking to set them straight. A lotta times I don’t bother with spankings and I just got straight to something a little more fun and humiliating heehee. Every once in a while though, spankings can be pretty fun themselves. Especially depending on the way you go about them.

Like the last spanking I gave was for a little ABy who couldn’t keep his mouth shut. All day long he would scream and whine and just generally annoy me, so I thought of a way to teach him a lesson and shut him up. I got him a special paci that strapped around his head and stayed in place to fill his loud little mouth, so as soon as he started annoying me I shoved it right in! I pulled him over my lap and used one arm to hold him down while I yanked down his pants and diaper. Then I spent a good 20 or 30 minutes delivering a spanking heehee!! I would go faster and slower, stop for a little bit then keep going, and the whole time he had his special ball gag paci in to muffle his loud mouth!

I guess spankings are ok every once in a while heehee! Especially when I make them extra fun for me!




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