Bye-bye, Peepee!
May 12, 2013
Cuckold Sissy in Training
May 14, 2013

You better have served your mommy real good hopefully she had a very slippery mommies day!

Whoever  you have love for a grannie a T-mommy,sitter,teasing cousin or Giantess you know how she

likes to be treated.

Give her naked breakfast in bed  or a sweaty threesome all you can imagine mommy likes.

Mommy Crissy is in real need of a sexy girl to suck face with I can not wait to see who you choose

for me to play with. As we are making out you can make me a mothers day card with some

macaroni. There is a good Abie, Mommies just love getting gifts!

Thanks again for giving me a sweet phonemommy day!


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