Slippery mommies day
May 13, 2013
The To Do List
May 17, 2013

Ah, the joy’s of having your own sissy!



You been such a good Sissy Boi for Mommy today that you get a special treat.  That’s right, you get to help Mommy get ready for her date tonight!  Take this lotion and be sure to get it on every inch of Mommy’s skin, I want to be so soft and silky when he runs his hands all over me.

Mommy has picked out the perfect tight fitting, low cut dress, a beautiful satin bra and thong, and the sexiest new pair of heels for the evening.  See how stunning Mommy looks? See how long & sexy my legs look in these stockings? I can’t wait to make you watch him tear these clothes off of me and ravish me!

He’s a real man and knows how to please a woman.  I love the feel of the hard length of him, the ripple of the muscles on his back and hips as he claims his prize.  And the whole time we are enjoying one another, there you will be, in your chastity device, like a good little sissy.  You don’t need to use that little flopsy anyway!  Mommy will tell you when, or even if, you deserve any relief.  If you’re very, very good, I MIGHT let you clean up his mess.

Now be good and bring us a nice drink….we’ve worked up quite a thirst!  And make it quick!




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