Did you make a poopie???
March 17, 2014
Naughty Sissy Prissy Spanking Time!!!
March 20, 2014
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Rub a dub dub phonemommy in a tub

Aww, there we go little abie mommy lay’s you on the changing table, No-no don’t kick while

mommy lean’s over you pulling that messy diaper off and wipe’s you all up an down.

tsk-tsk be a well behaved little one and momma will make this bath-time a whole lotta fun.

Baby powder time hehehe what a creative mind you have making pictures in the powder with your

chubby little finger.  Mommy slip’s your new diapey on alll better!

OOOhh what have you go there hmm? Mommy has a suprise for you close them

peeper’s nice and tight ok, no peeking! (Splash) Open em now baby like what you see?

Mommy’s in the tub getting a rub a dub dub from your brother uh oh what’s your hand doing in your

diapey? hehehehe naughty naughty !!




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