Rub a dub dub phonemommy in a tub
March 17, 2014
A Special Taboo Game: Show and Tell
March 21, 2014


So you think you deserve loving spankings? You’re one naughty Sissy Prissy Abie for thinking that! I think you deserve a Naughty Sissy Prissy Spanking. I know you have watching mommy having fun with her lovely ladies…. Tell me, did you get aroused by watching mommy play with her lovely girlfriends? Did it make you want to play with yourself? I bet you did, didn’t you? You naughty, Abie! I simply will not tolerate this, is that understood you Sissy Prissy Abie !

Now, as a punishment you will be put in to one of mommy’s handmade Sissy Prissy dresses, you will be spanked vigorously by mommy and her lovely girlfriends. You will endure the pain that you have cause upon yourself. Then you will watch mommy play with her lovely girlfriends. You will watch me lick and suck on there lovely nipples, then watch me eat them out. You will not be allowed to touch, talk or even ejaculate. You will be teased and tormented by me pleasing them. I will touch you, stroke you even lick and suck you. But when you’re about to reach your climax, I will stop where I am at.

Like I said before, you are not allowed to cum what so ever! But when you are about to reach your climax, I will simply bend your ass over and give you one heck of a lash on your luscious ass! Maybe then you will think twice before doing wrong.

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