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June 30, 2014
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July 6, 2014
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Red white and sexy!

Happy 4th to all my adult baby and diaper lover friends and family.  I have a beautiful pool and BBQ in my backyard but I have no intention of using either today.  Having a great pool and yard have its benefits but I personally enjoy the cool controlled environment of my home, where it’s always 62 and perfect.  I’m grilling burgers and steaks on my foreman grill, dressed in my diapers and belly shirt.  I have a few friends over and we are watching youtube diaper videos on the big screen and eating chips and salsa.  Don’t get me wrong I love the great outdoors and backyard barbeques and family picnics, just as much as the nest girl but I cant imagine sitting in the heat and sweating my ass off when I can move 200 feet and be in the air conditioned comfort of my home.  If people had AC in the old days I bet they would never have celebrated anything outdoors.  The same with cloth diapers, I can’t think of a single Mommy who prefers cloth diapers over disposable.


I hope all of my adult baby diaper lover friends are finding a way to stay cool in their diapers and still celebrate the birth of this great nation of ours.  Happy Birthday America.




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