Red white and sexy!
July 6, 2014
Pink panties
July 7, 2014
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Panty Wearing Loser

I walk into the room, and you know you’ve been caught. There stands my sissy son in all his glory. You turn around slowly, dropping my panties to the floor, as if I wouldn’t see them. “This is getting ridiculous” I say. “This is the seventh time i’ve caught you with them. And each time your face gets more and more pathetic. I’m your wife for fucks sake. You should be able to hit this whenever you want but you don’t want to do you? You don’t “sniff” my panties. Give up that excuse. I’ve seen you wearing them before.  Yes, I have. Tucking that little dick of yours between your legs to make it look like a pussy. You don’t want me to suck your cock because YOU want to be the one sucking cock. I have a sissy faggot for a husband. And it’s about time I start treating you like the little sissy bitch you are.”




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