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September 23, 2012
Flagellation with milf crissy
September 23, 2012
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Phone Fun With Jenna

Just a sample of a hot abdl phone sex call me and caller X had last night: Are you serious right now? I walk out of the room for two minutes and you already have your toys all over the floor again. I just picked them up not even ten minutes ago! A time out isn’t enough for you anymore is it? No I think you need a higher level of punishment. Something that will really stick with you and make you learn your lesson. I think you need a spanking. Put that toy down. If you throw it I’m just going to spank you even harder. You’re only making your punishment worse for yourself. Get over here and pull down your pants. Bend over my lap. I grab the paddle and whack it down hard on your cheeks until they’re a bright rosy pink. Maybe X will think twice before being a naughty adult baby around babysitter Jenna.



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