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September 22, 2012
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September 23, 2012
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Diaper Jakey

Diaper Jakey

I’ve got a special little sissy named Diaper Jakey who likes two things: latex and being a little gay diaper sissy! Now the first couple times he called me we focused on the latex fantasy. He would put on his latex panties and skirt and we’d talk about a sexy little someone he fantasizes about. A sexy teen co-ed who he imagines wearing latex panties. We talked about the ways he could be certain she was wearing latex. Leaving a little package on her front step, watching her pick it up and go into her house, running up the stairs to her bedroom (which my caller can see from his bedroom) and watching her strip and slip on the latex panties.

He imagines standing over her while she touches herself in her latex panties and rubbing himself till he shoots his hot sticky load all over her latex covered pussy.

But recently my little Diaper Jakey has needed some more direction. He gets naughty and needs Mommy to tell him exactly what to do. Before he calls he messages me and asks what he needs to have ready before he calls. I tell him to put on his diaper and his pretty latex skirt, get his bottle ready and have his pacifier with him. The last time he called I had him get ready to pull up some hot gay porn while I talked to him. The whole time I had him on the phone he kept saying, “I love sucking on my paci…” I giggled while he jerked his cock inside his diaper, watching the porn, describing everything they were doing. “Do you think I’m gay?” He asked me, I giggled and said, “Just as soon as you get your first taste of cock you’re not going to be able to stop.”

I think from now on I’m gonna keep my little Jakey in diapers and jerking himself thinking about sucking cock!

xoxo Samantha



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