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September 21, 2012
Diaper Jakey
September 23, 2012


Oh AB boy, what a mess you have made in that diaper. And right here in the middle of the department store. I know you are embarrassed to be diapered in public. But mommy has shopping to do and I cannot take you all the way home, letting you sit in a messy diaper til we get there. No, that just won’t do.

Take mommy’s hand, we will ask the sales lady where the restroom is. Yes, you are a bit big to still be in diapers but that is okay AB boy. Lot’s of big adult baby boys still wear diapers, no need to be ashamed. Even though the sale lady does give us a wondering glance when she sees mommy checking your diaper before we head off to the restroom.

When we get there, it is filled with ladies, of course. You know how there is always a line to the ladies room, haahaa. And that line files right by the changing table. Oh well, we need to get that diaper off your bottom before you get a rash. A few of the ladies have a little giggle when they see such a big AB boy being put up on the table to get his bottom changed. Which makes your little face so red. But mommy takes no notice as she adeptly starts the process of changing your diaper.

Be still now, this will take even longer if you keep squirming like that. Don’t make mommy give you a little spank in front of every one here too, heightening your embarrassment. Mommy will take her time, making sure every part is nice and clean before we put the fresh diaper on. Now, doesn’t that feel so much better. Time to continue our shopping…

Being diapered in public can be embarrassing. But it can also have elements of fun and exhilaration. It can be downright exciting, knowing you are being watched, giggled at. I have many different scenarios to go along with this theme. Some I have done before and would love to repeat. Each time I repeat a role play with a new or different AB, they bring something new to the scenario. I also have many new role plays that I am dying to try. Give me a call and maybe we can share ideas? Try something new? Or tweak what we have already done to make it a whole new experience.

Mommy Josie


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