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March 31, 2013
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April 1, 2013

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This week one of my patients experienced the effects of another one of my treatments. Now this tonic has a very special spot in my medicine cabinet. It’s something that I reserve for a specific kind of patient. See, it’s important that he be very manly, full of confidence, and most importantly… unsuspecting.

As I’ve said many times before, I know what is best for my patients. A headstrong, confident man is a nuisance, but with just a drop of my pansy potion he can be transformed into a gentle sweet girl, perfect for sissy maid duties. Now my favorite way to administer the potion is by offering the soon to be sissy a drink of water before his examination. He accepts the glass in his big strong hand a swallows it down in a swig. Once the exam is under way the effects of the potion begin to become noticeable.

His once strong broad shoulders become small and narrow; his arms and legs become thinner, the hair disappearing; his chest becomes fuller; his manly facial features, the strong jaw and stuble disappearing, leaving him with lovely little feminine features. And between his legs, his manhood begins to shrivel up, turning into a sweet little honey pot.

Fully transformed, my new sissy was left speechless. “It’s alright dear,” I told her, patting her delicate shoulder, “Don’t you worry, this is for the best…”

I’ll tell ya, its not nearly often enough I get to use my pansy potion on unsuspecting patients hehehe!

Nurse Betty



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