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March 25, 2013
Pansy Potion
March 31, 2013

20080319-4Like running your toes thru things like mud,water, oil,paints just anything you find those toes run right for it.Well you always seem to be a little sneaky about it don’t you lol or you try anyways but always get caught especially when you try and sneak in the back door with those colored feet of yours that you have painted different colors and go sneaking down the hall with that soggy  diaper what a site you were i couldn’t help but laugh i know you didn’t think it was funny getting caught but it was just you looked so funny sneaking down the hall looking like nothing is up laughing

But after i got you all cleaned up you found out just what happens to naughty young ones that messes up my floors after i have just mopped tisk tisk bad  but i know just the thing to do with you now don’t i hmmm,  especially since you had sneaked into the garage and found my house paint didn’t think that i would see how you just happened to also paint my walkway and driveway with those colored feet and toes of yours ah you just think you are just getting by with it don’t ya, nope not happening at all



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