Diaper Humiliation For The ABDL
February 10, 2018
Mommy Had A Hard Day
February 25, 2018

As my little ABDL baby lay on the floor with a mouth full of my panties. My big sexy boyfriend walked over to and out me on my knees. He slide his huge cock out of his pants and slide it into my hot open mouth. He fucked my mouth so deeply I could feel every inch him as he went in and out thrusting and moaning. I could tell my lil pussy baby was so  jealous because he could see all of mommys boyfriends dick as it penetrated  my mouth and lil sister baby’s like him could never do that to a MILF like me. Once mommy’s boyfriend had his fun with my mouth he decided to play with my sissy baby a little more. Mommy’s boyfriend made my sissy baby lay on the floor with his head on the couch face up. He then made me straddle my pussy baby’s just close enough that he could smell my pretty pussy and then he bent me over. He played with my pussy with his big think finger as my sweet little ass was pointed up in the air and made me so wet my pussy juices started to drip all over my ABDL lovers face. Call if you want to hear more



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