Egg Hunt: Tales of a Panty Bunny/Boi
March 15, 2013
Cry In the Night
March 17, 2013

When I’m out babysitting for dumb little adult babies, I gotta keep a lot of special tools handy. ABies can be tricky and get themselves into lots of trouble if I don’t make sure to keep them in line… that’s why I always keep a supply of magic adult baby milk around. Whenever and ABy starts acting like they know better than me, trying to be a big boy, or just misbehaving in general, all I have to is give them a nice dose of my special milk and they fall right back into line!

See, I use shrinky dinky milk!! It’s a special kinda milk that makes whoever drinks it to get smaller and smaller and feeling more like the little babie he really is! A couple of days ago I was watching little babie Johnny and he thought he was bein’ soooooo smart, pulling off his diapey and getting a nasty little attitude. He kept asking me how come he couldn’t play all the humpy games that I play with my boyfriends, and that he was a big boy too. Hahaha!!! “Oh really Johnny? Okie dokie then, lets give you some milkys and then we’ll see if you wanna play humpy games!” I fixed him a bottle of shrinky dinky milk and popped the rubber nipple in his loud little mouth. With every little sip I could tell he was gettin’ more and more compliant. By the time he was all done he was laying on the floor all curled up cooing away! Dumb little babie! I always know what’s best!

So all of you wanna be big boy ABies, come out come out wherever you are!!! I have just the thing for you…




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