Magic Milk
March 16, 2013
Happy St.Patty’s day ab’s
March 18, 2013

I heard you cry out in the night but i knew i couldn’t come to you.The whimpering sounds that you made i knew it wouldn’t be long till you came sneaking into my room.And i was right i heard the sound of my door opening the light from the hall slipping into the room.I turned over and lit the lamp and saw your tears but i couldn’t let you stay.I had to let you know that it was not happening you were going back to your bed no more sleeping in my bed.Even though it pained me to hear you cry in the night.I know you want that diaper off but its not happening.I told you no more bed wetting and those ears just doesn’t seem to hear what i say so no the diaper stays on till i say other wise.

No matter how much you cry and beg it will do no good the diaper stays on even during the daytime and it doesn’t matter if your co-workers know your wearing a diaper mess with me and i will post it on the bulletin board yes the one incased in glass so everyone will know what you have under that fancy suit of yours.



Happy Easter

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