November 11, 2012
Wearing Diapers
November 14, 2012
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hot Mommy’s heel

Hot mommy’s heel is dangerously strong.

If little one think’s they can get away with doing wrong.

Your butt will be spanked awfully red before too long.

All Mommy’s have eyes in the back of their heads especially when abies should

be fast asleep in bed. Over there looking at that diaper girl doing naughty stuff instead.

Mommy has your friends in the living room watching a camera that is pointed right at you,

does it make you feel ashamed doing what you do?

Playing with your tiny,silly exscuse for a pee-pee in  pink plastic panties.

Watching these dirty movies on the t-v, your friends are laughing at you right along with mommy.

They watch as I burst into your room and take you over my knee for some abdl discipline.

I spank your bare ass with a hairbrush maybe next time you will not give into the dirty deed.

Love your slightly,

strict Mommy Crissy


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