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November 12, 2012
Thanksgiving Is Soon
November 15, 2012

Is wearing diapers weird?  Am I a freak for wanting to wear diapers? If I had a quarter for every time one of those questions were asked me… well, let’s just say I could retire to the tropics, and spend the rest of my days sipping on margaritas that  were served to me by my entourage of boy-toys.

Back to the question at hand…you may think there is no one out there like you. That you must be a mutant from the planet Diapro who was shot to Earth in a baby powder bottle shaped spaceship in hopes to escape the evil deeds of the… (sorry, my sci-fi imagination got away from me, LOL).  The bottom line (powdered and thickly diapered) is that you are wrong about that – you are not a freak or a mutant or anything of the sort. There are many many people that, just like you, love the feel, smell, and comfort of a diaper. There are things that only putting on a soft, thick diaper can accomplish for you.  For some, just wearing is enough to send you over the edge.  For others, it’s the warm sensation you get when you first wet your diaper and every time after that. In either case, that thrill can only be experienced while wearing a diaper.

And the thing is, once you come to realize that wearing diapers is what makes you truly happy, you start to want to wear more and more.  But hey, that’s ok; we diaper lovers are out here too, experiencing and feeling the exact same thing.

So, now that we have that straightened out, who gets to be changed by me next?  You just might get a “special” spanking as well 😉

Mommy Lexus



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