Wearing Diapers
November 14, 2012
A week away!!!
November 16, 2012

Thanksgiving will be here before we know it are you ready to stuff that turkey and hang out with family and friends i just be you are.But now the thing is who is going to change you after dinner tell me this because i know you will make a big  mess on your clothes and in that diaper.

Personally i think you should wear it you made the mess right well its up to the mommies here whether you will get changed or not and if its up to me nope you will not be allowed to get changed.I think a nice cold wet and messy diaper will be good for you make you appreciate these ladies so much more now will it not.Just think they can laugh at you public humiliate you poke fun at you just all kinds of things we can do.You will really be good and smelly by the next day lmao.



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